Thank you so much Stanley. It was great to see you and thanks again for your amazing work. Many thanks again for everything. So happy with the results! You are a fantastic surgeon.



Dear Stanley,

You and Maree have been really awesome to deal with. It’s not an easy procedure for either surgeon or patient to have to endure, but you both have made this experience a lot easier for me and my family. I’m really pleased with the results so far, as the swelling decreases it’s really exciting to see myself in the mirror and be proud, I always dreamt of always having no stomach and leaving the past behind me, and this has enabled me to do it, and it brings a sense of excitement in me to looking forward to my future. I can buy designer clothes I’ve never been able to wear but always seen other people wearing and wanted too, I can wear different colours, it’s been life changing. 


Cannot speak too highly of my Surgeon Dr.Stanley Loo who performed the surgery on my face. Unless you look with a magnifying glass at my cheek and eye lid the average person could not see it.

Stanley Loo was extremely proactive when follow-up required ensuring best possible outcome and allowing total confidence that any further medical intervention if required could be expeditious. Went 'beyond normal' expectations to ring me on a Sunday to tell me results of a biopsy. Outstanding service in every way.

I have had many surgeries over the years. I found Stanley loo second to none in every way handling my medical problems and surgery.

Very friendly right from my very first visit to the last. Staff were awesome and made me feel welcome. Highly recommended :)

The care and treatment from all staff were exceptional. I would highly recommend Stanley Loo, his assistant Maree Karl, Southern Cross and Ormiston Hospital.

Dear Mr Loo

Just a note of appreciation for the very successful outcome from my recent BCC removal.

Maree Karl  today made her final inspection and dressing removal.  The ear repair has, it seems, been totally successful and tidy.

I must thank you for the outstanding result and relative comfort throughout the recovery.

My appreciation to you and Maree for your competence and care.

With my thanks and best regards


Dear Stanley

Thank you so very much for ensuring that what could have been an overwhelming experience, was an easy one. I felt confident, safe and at ease through the whole process. I feel so happy watching my new nose take shape and incredibly grateful that terrible hump is long gone! Many thanks.


Dear Team

As you all are aware I had an operation recently at Ormiston Hosiptal with Mr Stanley Loo.

I would like to thank you all for taking such good care of me

Dr Stanley I am really appreciative of your excellent care, from pre-op to post op care. You were polite, informative and showed exceptional care and empathy with my whole procedure, you were there always on email to answer my many questions prior to the surgery, again appreciative to your dedication on the level of care even it meant replying to me over the weekend or after hours. 

Thank you so much and to your team.

To the Medical and Nursing team at Ormiston Hosiptal, where can I start, I highly organised caring and loving team, my special and hearty thanks to nursing team, the night nursing team who took such good care of me all time. A special thanks to the clinical assistant. You were there all the way, reassuring me, holding a cold towel over my head while your exceptional nursing team worked hard. Thank you all so much.

And to my anesthetist, who took the time out on Sun afternoon to call me personally, to check up on me and reassure me.

Again it all happens with exceptional teamwork, you all have stood up to that, providing exceptional patient care, empathy and dedication.

Well done and keep up the excellent work.


To Stanley and Maree,

Thanks so much for your wonderful care in my recent surgery. Both district nurses have been extremely complimentary of your skin graft. I got the impression they see some "rough" procedures and recognise quality when they see it. Once again, thank you.


Dear Mr Loo,

I chose you because you had great reviews. I am happy to report that I too have had a great experience and result by you and will also be posting a great review. Thank you for making my experience pleasant and pain free. I am very happy with the results


Dear Stanley,

Thank you for your skilled surgery on me. When I saw the results that evening I broke down in tears of joy. Since then the results have improved even more and have exceeded what I was expecting. I can now lead the life that I always wanted. Words cannot express the gratitude that I have for your skills. Once again THANK YOU!


Dear Mr. Loo, 

Thank you for seeing V this morning. He is very pleased with your expert opnion I, myself has witnessed again the kindest gesture of your kindness and professionalism. I have been to different consultants in their practices over a period of time but your whole mannerism, generosity and professionalism is totally unique and the best.  I tell all your patients that Mr. Loo is the only doctor who has not changed at all over the period of time with his professional growth as most of the people do. Thank you for all your kindness.


Hi Stanley,  

Thank you so much for the excellent care I received from you and your team at Ormiston Hospital. It was nice to see familiar faces that day. I am recovering well from the surgery & already been back to work for the last two nights.

Again, thank you so much and pls pass on my thanks to all the nice & friendly staff at Ormiston Hospital.


Dear Stanley,

What a blessing to the World you are!
I'm so very fortunate to have found you, and appreciating your amazing skills today, and every day from here on..
Truly, you have changed my Life.


Dear Stanley,

Thank you for your amazing work and results! This is better than I had hoped for!


Dear Stanley,

I am so happy with your results. You have given me the body which I always thought I should have. You have changed my life. Thank you!


Hi Stanley, 

Just wanted to let you know that I's scars are healing very well and she is very happy. Thank you so much for your amazing work and I wish you the best for your future. 

Kind regards,
C & I :)

Dear Stanley,

I just want to thank you for the great job you have done to me. I am very happy with the results and have had a pain free experience throughout my journey.


Dear Mr Stanley Loo

You have done such a wonderful job on my daughter, that I now want to have the same procedure. The result is fantastic! Thank you very much!


Dear Stanley

I can't believe how great the result is after such a short time. My family have been commented that I look much younger and I am extremely happy with your great work!


Dear Mr Stanley Loo

Thank you for such a professional job. The surgery and the result went much better than I expected


Dear Stanley

I just wanted to thank u again for the great job u did. I am blown away with the result!!!!


Dear Mr Stanley Loo

Thank you so much for the care to the "Highest standard" when you operated on myself recently for the bilateral breast reduction. Please continue to be like this as an example to others also, although sometimes hard I'm sure. I am very happen to inform you ALL is mending beautifully and I am leading a full, active, physically comfortable life. Wishing you all the best for your future.


Dear Dr Loo,

You are the most caring doctor I know and this is only matched by your skills as a surgeon. The care and results of your surgery are higher than I ever expected. Thank you very much.

P.S. I have told everyone I know to see you for their plastic surgery!


Dear Dr Stanley Loo,

Thank you very much for performing my surgery. The results are way better than I could have ever expected. I am estatic about the results, you have changed my life! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Dear Dr Stanley Loo,

Your surgery on my daughter has changed her personality. She was very shy before your surgery and now is a very outgoing and bubbly child who has a number of new friends. Words cannot explain the gratitude we have for you. This whole process was painless and relaxed despite our fears. Thank you very much!


Dear Stanley,

I have been so happy with my results after your surgery, the only thing I regret is not doing it sooner. Thank you for your care and patience with me through this process.